Live Sessions

Ideas Live  Session Prices

Each Ideas Live Session consists of four separate 2 hour lessons, held once or twice a week.

 BASIC  :   £ 250.00

Trading myths and reality.

Basic Fibonacci Indicators and how to use them.

Introduction to popular Harmonic patterns like the Gartley, Butterfly, Bat, Crab and ABC correction 

How to trade basic Harmonic structures with basic Fibonacci levels. 

Introduction to E7 Structures.

Risk IQ

 INTERMEDIATE   :  £ 500.00

Recap on BASIC main points.


Introduction to other HARMONIC patterns like the Shark, Cypher, Dragonfly and more.


Combinatory Indicator Theory.


Introduction to the F-Stochastic phenomenon.


Introduction to the BBKG phenomenon.


Relative Volatility.


Introduction to unique E7 Structures.


Introduction to E7 structure nomenclature.


Risk IQ

 ADVANCED   :  £ 2 500.00

Recap on BASIC and INTERMEDIATE main points.




E7 structure nomenclature.


Current E7 structures and their implications.


Advanced E7  structures.

Introduction to Options trading using both E7 structures and BBKG.

Introduction to algorithmic trading.

Risk IQ

 COMPLETE  :  £ 5 000.00 per person

Recap on BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED main points.

Advanced Option techniques using E7 structures and BBKG.

Advanced algorithmic trading techniques.

E7 structures and BBKG applied to GWAVE Math.


Complete step by step advanced execution in GWAVE Math.


Risk IQ